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Summary of Comparisons of the Seven Churches

1. To the church in Ephesus      1-1. The Details of the Church in Ephesus

2. To the Church in Smyrna      2-1. The Details of the Church in Smyrna

3. To the Church in Pergamum     3-1. The Details of the Church in Pergamum

4. To the Church in Thyatira      4-1. The Details Verses of the Church in Thyatira

5. To the Church in Sardis      5-1. The Details of the Church in Sardis

6.To the Church in Philadelphia     6-1. The Details of the Church in Philadelphia

7. To the Church in Laodicea     7-1. The Details of the Church in Laodicea

 1. Becoming a Mentor

Summary of Becoming of Mentor 

1-1. Online Lecture for the essential parts

1) The Fundamental Principle of Gos’s Network      2) The hidden Manna
3) About the small book in Revelation     4) The message of the Holy Spirit 
5) The 12 fruits      6) What the second death is    7) The lesson of Balaam     8) The lesson of Jezebel

9) The church in Philadelphia-a    10) The church in Philadelphia-b 

  11) The will of God 

12) Song of Beulah Cavalry

12) A. “Love, Love One Another.”    12) B. “We will Love One Another”

1-2. Mentor Registration

1-3. Uploading Process-Becoming a New Reader

1-4. House(Cell) Church with Mentor

 2. About us              

2-1. About Us    2-2. Mission Parishes

3. New Mankind

3-1. About New Mankind      3-2. The 7th Wave

4. Prayer  

4-1. How You Should Pray 

4.-2. About Prayer
4-3. Intercessory Prayer for all churches 

5 .The Path of the bride

5-1. Believer’s Attitude    5-2. Jesus’ 3 Main Commands

5-3. The practical training of the Holy Communion

5-4. The Path of the Bride of Jesus     5-5. The Tithes and Offerings

 6. How to Start

6-1. Summary    6-2. Ultimate Goal    6-3. Flag(Banner)    6-4. Organization    6-5. Downloading
6-5. Downloading   6-6. Making Family Tree of Branch    6-7. Uploading 



1. The mystery of God      2. Holy Body, Resurrection and Eternal Life

3. Summary of major points

4. <Reference>The Navigation of the Religious World

7. Head Design

7 -1. Arise, Shine;     7-2. 7 Stars      7-3. 12 Stars     7-4. Construction of the Holy City
7-5. Worship and Evangelism    7-5. Worship and Evangelism    7-6. A door standing open in heaven

8. Beulah Mission

8-1. About the Beulah Mission
  8-2. Song of the Beulah Mission

 8-2. A. “Love, Love One Another.”   8-2. B. “We will Love One Another”

8-3.About Branch

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Summary of “Bible Verse 365”

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