6-5. Downloading

Please download following three booklets through website before starting.

                   1) “The Revelation Opened by the Numbers Code”                                       (The Reader’s Message I) Full Version


“How to Start?” -The Summary of

“The Revelation Opened by the Numbers Code”

(The Reader’s Message I)

“The Revelation Opened by the Numbers Code”                                                      (The Reader’s Message),

 1. Provides answers to all intrinsic questions of the Bible,

 2. Tells us in detail about the ultimate results of having the faith,

 3. Is the true textbook of salvation, resurrection and eternal life,

 4. Is the guide for all existing churches,

 5. Is the manual for servants of God who is the kingdom and priest,

 6. And, as the final fruits of the new covenant,

 7. Shows the future of the progressed new spiritual humankind.

2. “What is Now”

    (The Reader’s Message II)

 Write, therefore, 1)what you have seen,

2)what is now and 3)what will take place later.”

(Rev 1:19)

After Chapter 1 Verse 19, the book of Revelation can be divided into 3 parts; “what you have seen” is Revelation 1:20, which talks about the mystery of the seven stars and the seven golden candlesticks, What is now represents Revelation Chapters 2 and 3, and “what will take place later” (Rev 4:1) Revelation Chapters 4 to 22.

 3. “Bible Verse 365” (Our Daily Bread)

“Bible Verse 365” (Our Daily Bread) is the guide book for the brides of Jesus, which allows them to have the right to the tree of life and go through the gates into the Holy City, we call the Heaven.

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