What is now II

                                   “What is Now”                                                                                                            -Revelation Chapters 2-3                                                         Jesus’ letter to the seven churches

“Write, therefore, 1)what you have seen, 2)what is now and 3)what will take place later.” (Rev 1:19)

After Chapter 1 Verse 19, the book of Revelation can be divided into 3 parts; “what you have seen” is Revelation 1:20, which talks about the mystery of the seven stars and the seven golden candlesticks, What is now represents Revelation Chapters 2 and 3, and “what will take place later” (Rev 4:1) Revelation Chapters 4 to 22.

  1. Chapter 1: the introduction(Rev 1:1-19) as well as “what you have seen”, the mystery of the seven stars in the right hand of Jesus, and the seven golden candlesticks (Rev 1:20).
  2. Chapters 2-3: What is now, the conditions of the church in the Revelation times.
  3. Chapters 4-22: “what will take place later”, the prophecy of the things that will surely happen.

Revelation Chapters 2 and 3, are a collection of letters of Jesus sent to the seven churches, which are explained through, “What is now”, which shows the appearances and statuses of the churches in the Revelation times.

In the end times when many are wandering, who are unable to find the right way of faith, this small book is given to Jesus’ brides in the end times as the breakthrough grace of Jesus

 Because many believers in the Church continue to learn the Bible without standing at the center of their faith, they are reliant on the spiritual dependency on others as well as they do not realize the key points of the way of eternal life.

They merely repeat the elementary lesson as an audience and fail to reach the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

Therefore, even though they continue to learn the Bible, many people still do not have full confidence as God’s kingdom and priests.

It is a situation in which they are circling the world of faith only seeking the earthly blessings without any conviction of the resurrection and eternal life.

 Jesus’ death for the forgiveness of our sins is to give His life as a ransom for many because he loves and chooses us (John 15:16), and wants to give us the blessings of eternal life by making us, who choose the path of life, the kingdom and the priests of God.

The believers who do not know where path of life leading to the resurrected eternal life is just like an airplane, which cannot fly but only moves back and forth on the runway due to the absence of a pilot, or a rescue ship, which does not serve its role of rescuing people but wastes time at a port with its S.O.S reception device turned off. They are in a state at which they are far away from the essence of faith with the gates to the heaven closed and with no spiritual exit.

 This small book solves all these problems.

Anyone can digest the short contents of the small book, so that everyone can understand the key points of the Bible very easily and have the confidence to be a tentmaker missionary and can realize oneself that he or she is a clergy in the end times working to spread the gospel who can serve as the kingdom and priests of God.

Not only can he or she recognizes the love of Jesus, but he or she also stands up to the center of the religious realm by overcoming the prevailing spiritual dependence and materialism.

 In the Jesus’ letter to the seven churches, the small book foretold in Revelation

chapter 10, the earnest appeal of the Holy Spirit is repeated seven times as follow.

Repetition is commonly used to emphasize the importance of contents in the Bible.

 Therefore, this also shows how important Jesus’ letter to the seven churches (Revelation chapter 2-3), which tells “What is Now”, the current status of churches in the revelation times as well as summarizes the Bible’s core contents of revelation.

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

(Rev 2:7) (Rev 2:11) (Rev 2:17) (Rev 2:29) (Rev 3:6) (Rev 3:13) (Rev 3:22)

There is the grace of the Lord who helps according to special times for believers who listen to and understand and obey the word of the Holy Spirit repeated 7 times (Heb 4:16), and this is the seven Spirits working on the believers by opening their spiritual vision with Jesus’ perspective.

This is the mystery of the forgiveness of sins already prophesied, and the blessing and the joyful news in the end times for Jesus’ chosen brides since the beginning of the world, who hold high the torch of the way and are united in love with the same word of prophecy.

Please do not forget to remember that from the moment of becoming a new reader of this important issue as a messenger of Jesus, you are the special being, built up naturally in Jesus’ grace and love by the choice of Him as foretold for the end times, but now you are not alone.

It is also time for those who are asleep in the religious realm to all wake up, become the lamp that lights up the world darkened by the power of the air within Satan’s influences and grip such as idolatry stemmed from covetousness and mammonism, and stand up to light up the world.

 Therefore, now we must escape from divisions, confusion and chaos, and pursue the eternal gospel that delivers the ultimate plan in the end times for the believers of God. Also, we must simultaneously and ubiquitously constitute the network of God in every corner of this world, become one of the twelve partnering disciples, take one another’s burdens in the given environment and maximize the power of freedom stemming from the truth.

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