2-2. Mission Parishes

<Mission Parishes>

1.   12 Worldwide Mission Parishes

A.     North America
B.     Central America
C.     South America
D.     Southeastern Asia
E.     Northeastern Asia
F.     Oceania
G.     Southwestern Asia & Middle East
H.     Northern Africa
I.      Southern Africa
J.      Central Asia & Independent Nations
K.     Eastern Europe
L.     Europe

 2.   4 Worldwide Large Mission Parishes

Large Mission Parish #1  North America                                         Central America                                         South America
Large Mission Parish #2  Southeastern Asia                       Northeastern Asia                               Oceania
Large Mission Parish #3  Southwestern Asia & Middle East   Northern Africa                                   Southern Africa
Large Mission Parish #4  Central Asia  & Independent Nations         Eastern Europe                                     Europe

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