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                                            The Beulah Mission of Phila Church                                             (For Members Only)

* When you gather more than one partnering disciple (Crown), you become the mentor of Crowns.

* Each member who joins as a mentor of the Phila Church (The Church in Philadelphia) will be called a branch who bears fruit by spreading the Gospel of Christ.

As an applicant for the mentor of the Beulah Mission of Phila Church(the Church in Philadelphia), following the time when the world changes into the kingdom of our Lord and Christ, I will go and make disciples of all nations in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. And I will also do my best as a tentmaker (Ac 18:1-3) who fulfills the calling to build a wall of the Holy City, (Rev 21:9,10,14,17) which is the bridal symbiotic community of Jesus that constitutes the Kingdom of Christ (K.C.).

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